This Guide will show you how to book a repair with us, prepare the package and get your device fixed within 3 days!

  1. Choose your device

Chose your device from our list(l). We can fix for you all Apple devices. iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, iMacs, iPods, Apple Watches.

  • Choose your model

Specify your model. If you have an iPhone, specify which iPhone is this, for example – iPhone 7.

  • Choose problem with the device

Now you need to specify what’s wrong with the device. You can select between many options. From screen replacement – if you have problem with a screen to our diagnostics service – if you don’t know what actual issue is.

  • Submit your details

Put your name, phone number, your delivery adress and your e-mail adress into the form.

  • Submit information about collection of your device

First select if you have a printer or no. We need you to answer that question to be able to arrange a collection with UPS.

If  you have a printer – You will need to print a shipping label that will be sent to your e-mail and stick it on the package.

If you don’t have a printer – UPS Driver will bring a shipping label with him (this option sometimes may cause change of a collection date for a next day.

After choosing if you have a printer or not you need to select day of the collection.

Last thing to do is to select time when you need your item to be collected. From 9 to 12 or from 12 to 6.

  • Pay

Pay using our secure webpage. You can pay for your repair by credit or debit card.

  • Pack your item before collection

Use a box that will fit your device in. Don’t let device be loosen, put some bubble wrap, foam, film, paper to secure it and make it stay still. Tape a box and make sure it won’t open during a delivery.

When your device is packed stick a label on the box and wait for collection. If you don’t have a printer just wait for UPS Driver, he will have label with him and will collect your device.

  • Wait for a repair

Now you just need to wait for a repair to be done. But we’re not going to leave you with nothing. You will get an option to track you device. You will not if we’ve received it, what are we doing, and what stage of the repair your device is in.

  • Done!

You have your device fixed and delivered to your doors.

This is how you get your device repaired in 9 simple steps.